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Social Services for MS

social work

On average, a person who lives with Multiple Sclerosis does so for forty or more years. MS is a complicated disease that strikes many in the prime of their lives, while they are building families and careers.As a result, MS patients and their loved ones are often presented with a host of challenging and difficult transitions and emotional issues that are MS specific.

NSCFF is the first organization to provide a full-time social worker in Miami-Dade County dedicated specifically to working with the Multiple Sclerosis population. We are focused on bridging the gap between those affected by MS and local organizations and services that are available. Through individual and family counseling, supportive services, and educational forums provided by NSCFF, our MS Social Worker offers a range of resources to assist the specific needs of each individual living with MS, as well as their families, friends, and caregivers.

The MS Social Worker has many roles:


  • Educating and empowering MS patients and their families/caregivers
  • Keeping them up-to-date on the newest MS research, literature, and educational forums
  • Providing preventative techniques to avoid isolation and depression common to MS patients, improving their quality of life

       Individual Counseling

  • Providing individuals and their families with counseling to address the many issues specific to the person living with MS
  • Providing education, knowledge, and support- Specific knowledge enables our MS Social worker to counsel and assist  patients’  loved ones and/or caregivers to better support the patient

       Medication Management

  • Keeping patients up to date on any changes/improvements to current therapies.
  • Our MS Social Worker has established relationships with pharmaceutical companies, is familiar with their drug therapies, is aware of the latest pharmaceutical advancements, and has knowledge of affordable pharmaceutical programs.

       Referrals and connections to community Resource specific to MS, such as:

  • Group or individual hydrotherapy
  • Therapeutic horseback riding (Hippotherapy)
  • A monthly support group led by our MS Social Worker
  • Connecting Patients to a certified driver rehabilitation specialist for an evaluation (if adaptive devices are needed to continue driving)
  • Obtaining equipment and referrals to Home Health Services

NSCFF is able to offer these services free of charge to the community.We invite all within the MS community to contact our MS Social Work Department at (305)-856-8940.