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An informed patient is a healthier patient. NSCFF’s comprehensive coordinated care—one-stop shopping—has an aisle for education. Direct access to education programs and materials is important for patients, families, and caregivers. Education coordinators who connect with area educational institutions and patient advocacy organizations can also provide you with on-site educational programs and materials. You, and those caring for you, can benefit from educational offerings in many ways:

  • Make informed choices about your healthcare needs
  • Become better able to self-manage your illness
  • Become an active member in medical shared-decision making
  • Stay informed on the advent of treatment and research breakthroughs

In addition to educational programs for you and your family, caregiver education programs and certification courses are valuable resources as well. Workforce training programs are also important for allied health professionals, social workers and other NSCFF employees. These programs ensure that your entire care team has the tools, knowledge, and resources to provide you with the highest quality of attention and care.

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