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Lifestyle, Diet and Nutrition, and Exercise for Parkinson’s disease

Various life style changes, such as diet and exercise, are also beneficial in treating Parkinson’s disease. Though no specific diet is recommended, low protein diets may be beneficial in alleviating the symptoms of on-off phenomenon.  This on-off effect is common for people taking Levodopa. When taking Levodopa, people experience sudden and temporary “freezes” where the person is unable to move.  Exercises such as tai chi can help a person with Parkinson disease maintain better balance, reduce falls, and increase energy levels.

Before making any major lifestyle changes, going on a diet, starting an exercise program, or taking vitamins or herbal supplements, please talk to your doctor. Your doctor will help you decide if these changes are right for you and will make sure they do not interfere with other treatment options or medications you are taking.

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